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Make a Search Theme your home page! Below are instructions for some of the most popular mobile and desktop browsers. From within the web browser follow the specific steps below to access the default startup home page setting. You will go to the page you want to set as your default first from here.

Menu > Add to Home Screen
Home Page: Select Menu > More > Settings > Set Home Page
Home Icon: Settings > Bookmarks > Add > OK
Go Home > Hold Down On Empty Slot > Shortcuts > Bookmark

Load page first.
Select Menu (Box with Arrow or + sign) and select Add to Home Screen/Page.

Load page first.
Select Menu > Options > Browser Config > Use Current

Windows: Select Tools (Menu) > Options > Main (Tab)
Mac: Select Menu > Preferences > Main (Tab)

Opera (Mini)
Select Wrench (Icon) > Start Page > Hold Down On Desired Slot > Add/Edit/Clear

Palm Pre
Select Web > Page > Add To Launcher

Internet Explorer (Windows Mobile)
Load page first.
Select Menu > Tools > Options > Use Current

Internet Explorer (Windows)
Select Tools (Menu) > Internet Options > General (Tab)

Select Tools (Menu) > Preferences > General

Select Edit > Preferences > General

Google Chrome
Menu > Add to Home Screen
Select Tools (Wrench Icon) > Options > Basics (Tab) > Open This Page.
Under On startup > Select Open The Home Page
Under Search > Manage search engines > Click 'Make Default' for desired page

Other Browsers
Please consult the instructions for that individual browser for how to set the default startup home page. Some browsers require more advanced steps like editing the registry which we don't cover here and some do not even allow a user to specify a default home page at all!

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